The Coffee Factory

We offer a range of blends designed to target different tastes, from our flag ship Black Bear to our Seasonal Big Red. We also offer a rotating selection of Micro-lots. Our coffees are of specialty grade, achieving an SCAE scoring of 80 and above for acidity, balance, sweetness, mouthfeel and overall flavour. We aim for 100% traceability responsibly sourcing coffee and ensuring that the farmers receive a sustainable living cost for producing great coffee.

Single Origin

Roaster's Choice

Boa Vista

House Coffee

Bosque Lya
Chocolate, Peanut, Tangerine

House Coffee

Fazenda Palmital

Roaster's Choice



Big Red Seasonal Blend
Apricot, Lime, Sweet spice, Tangerine
Black Bear Blend
Malt chocolate, cherry, roasted hazelnut
Daily Brew
Coco, Dark caramel, Plum, Raisin