Big Red Seasonal Blend

Blend Stone Fruits apricot brown sugar peach
  • Location-Brazil Fazneda Pantano and Ethiopia kebel Konga
  • Varietal - Typica, Heirloom, Yellow Bourbon
  • Process- Pulped natural and washed
  • Roast level - Light to Medium
  • Body-3 of 5
  • Acidity- 3 of 5

Big Red is seasonally adjusted with fresh harvest single origin coffees currently comprised of two fantastic stand-alone coffees, one from Brazil and the other Ethiopia.

Brazil Fazenda Pantano

Owned by the Ferrero Family and located in the Cerrado close to the city of Patos de Minas at an altitude of 1,150 meters and covers a total area of 550 hectares. More than 300 hectares of the land are allocated for permanent natural forest reserves.

Ethiopian Kebel Konga

This fantastic coffee is grown at an altitude of 1,800-2,000 metres above sea level in the Konga Sub Region, Yirgacheffe. The cherries are then delivered to the Kebel Konga Mill where is is graded, sorted, de-pulped and fermented. This coffee was sold through the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange system, where it was classified a grade 'A' coffee.