Hario V60 Ice Coffee Maker

Brew Equipment

Delicious cold brew coffee brewed using the V60 pour over method. Simply fill the inside of the brewer with approximately 300ml of ice, add filter paper and 38g of ground coffee to the top. Pour over the top the same as with a standard V60 (except using cold water). Wait for the ice to melt and enjoy. Perfect for V60 lovers looking for a simple way to make cold brew coffee

Product features

• Brand: Hario

• Range: V60

• Carafe material: glass

• Dripper material: plastic

• Diffuser material: plastic

• Funnel insert material: plastic

• Filter material: paper

• Filter type: Hario V60 filters, size 02

• Filter lifespan: single use

• Size: 4-cup

• Capacity: 600ml

• Marked to: 2-cups, 3-cups, 4-cups

• Included: Carafe, dripper, diffuser, funnel insert, filter papers (x10)

• Remove the ice holder to brew standard V60 hot brew coffee