Is our packaging recyclable/compostable?

 Our discovery pack bags and our Classic pack bags are. Our 250g retail bags and our kilo bags are not. Check the back of the bag, if it says it is PLA and compostable then it is! If it doesn't then it isn't!

Our new Coffee bags are made of paper and PLA, a plant based plastic. This means that our bags are commercially compostable, so you can put them in your kerbside food or garden waste collection (check with your local service provider). They are not suitable to go in your home compost bin as they require high temperatures to break down. Check the back of the bag, the compostable bags say that they are compostable. 

The cardboard envelopes, cardboard boxes, brown wrapping paper and paper parcel bags which we send our coffee out in, are all recyclable via your usual cardboard/paper recycling service. The bubble wrap we use to protect some items in the post is biodegradable and therefore will break down in landfill, reducing the environmental impact, and preventing more plastic ending up in the environment.

Discovery 125g bags - Home compostable 
Standard 250g bag -  Industrially compostable (check with your local service provider)
Large 1kg bag - Can be recycled (check with your local service provider)
Retail 200g bags - Can be recycled (check with your local service provider)