Tanzania Kipenzi AAA/AA

Single Origin Blackberry Dark chocolate Yoghurt
  • Varietal - Bourbon and Kent
  • Process - Natural
  • Altitude - 1650 masl
  • Location - Mbozi, Songwe
  • Roast Level -  Medium
  • Body -  Medium-High
  • Acidity - Medium-High
  • Sweetness - Medium-High


Mkulima Kwanza is a Co-operative of smallholder coffee growers in the Songwe region of Southern Tanzania creating social change through quality coffee. The Co-operative was established in 2017 in partnership with Communal Shamba, a social enterprise working with coffee growers throughout Tanzania’s Southern Highlands. By growing and processing great quality coffee together as a community, Mkulima Kwanza have been able to get better prices for their coffees which creates a higher income for member farmers and their families. Profits generated through the sale of coffee are reinvested into the local community. They are used to improve local maternal health facilities, developing infrastructure at the nearby Ihowa Primary School and creating local employment, with over 50 jobs being generated in 2020 alone. Today, an estimated 450,000 smallholders are reliant on coffee (known locally as kahawa) for their livelihoods. This, in turn, supports around 4.5 million family members and labourers (11% of the country’s entire population). These small plots of 5 hectares of less produce almost 90% of the country’s entire production, the remainder is grown by co-operatives and on larger well-organised estates.