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Decaffeinated - Brazil Fazenda Bela Época

Decaffeinated - Brazil  Fazenda Bela Época
Decaffeinated - Brazil  Fazenda Bela Época


  • Key flavours - Bakers chocolate, caramel, hazelnut
  • Country - Brazil
  • Owner- Luiz da Cunha Sobrinho & children
  • Varietal - Yellow Obatã
  • Process - Natural CO2
  • Altitude- 900masl
  • Roast Level - Medium dark
  • Body-3 of 5
  • Acidity-4 of 5
  • Sweetness-4 of 5

    It all started with Mr. Idelbrando, current owner Luiz da Cunha’s grandfather, who originally had a small plantation with 20 thousand coffee plants in the family's property in Ribeirão Corrente, in the State of São Paulo. At that time, as a small boy, Luiz da Cunha was fascinated by the work that was done on the farm. He would help in the fields, even when he was very young. In 1973, at the age of 26 and married to Mrs. Terezinha, Luiz made a decision to increase the family’s investment in coffee due to his confidence in its profitability. The farm’s current name is a reference to the historical period of BELLE EPOQUE at the end of the 19th century – a time of economic and cultural strength and elegance.

    The farm continues to be a family affair, certainly. "Me and my brother Luis Claudio and my sister Silvia are now heads of the business, but our father, Mr. Luiz da Cunha, who is 70 years old, is still in the activity", says producer André Cunha, also president of the Alta Mogiana Specialty Coffee Producer Association, associated since 2006. As a certified Organic farm, production processes are executed within the strictest standards of quality and traceability, complying with socio-environmental regulations and audited by certifying entities such as UTZ and Rainforest Alliance and the requisite Organic bodies. All the production is traced and certified by the IBD – Orgânico Brasil, JAS Organic(Japan), USDA Organic (USA), and Organico Europa (EU).

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