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Black Friday - 80 Pods for the price of 40 - Selection Box

Compostable Nespresso® Pods

Black Friday Deal - 50% off! 

Delicious Coffee Factory coffee lovingly sealed in a 100% Compostable Pods.

80 pods in total. -  (20 pods of each coffee)

Black Bear Blend has been with us since day one and is served every day across many locations. With notes of chocolate and hazelnut this blend cuts through milk to deliver a deliciously smooth coffee which provides a traditional coffee taste.

Big Red is comprised of two fantastic stand-alone coffees, one from Brazil and the other Ethiopia with taste notes of apricot, peach and brown sugar. This blend offers something a little fruitier.

Daily Brew as the name suggests is a fantastic everyday coffee, a blend from Brazil and Colombia. It has caramel rich cocoa taste notes which is complimented by a plum and raisin like sweetness all wrapped up in a compostable pod.

El Salvador Bosque Lya - One of our favourite Micro Lots and for good reason. With taste notes of chocolate, peanut and tangerine, it's low acidity and mellow undertones makes for a fantastic every day coffee.


All our pods are only compatible with original Nespresso® type machines (not Vertuo).

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