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Can I sign up for a regular subscription outside the UK?
Yes you can, just enter your delivery information when signing up, the system will work out the extra charge for delivery.
Can I send a GIFT SUBSCRIPTION outside the UK?
Unfortunately we are not able to send gift subscriptions overseas due to the higher postage cost. This is something we will be tackling in the future so you can send a gift of coffee far and wide.
How do you send the coffee?
We send all of our coffee using 2nd Class Royal Mail. To enable us to deliver your coffee we do need an accurate address including the correct postcode for the delivery address. If you are having any trouble finding an address or postcode please contact us and we will do our best to help you.
When will my coffee arrive?
Your coffee will arrive around the delivery date you have chosen. coffee will normally be posted and leave two days before the chosen delivery date. Most packs will arrive within 48hrs after posting but we can't guarantee this and we expect them to arrive within 3 days of posting.
My pack hasn't arrived?
If your delivery has not arrived, please notify us as soon as possible so this can be rectified.
Will my delivery fit through the letterbox?
We deliver all of our coffee in letterbox friendly packaging so you can enjoy your fresh coffee without having to leave the house. Obviously not all letterboxes are created equally, so if you're having trouble you can easily just change your address to work or another convenient location by logging onto your account, or please just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you out.
What does speciality mean?
Speciality coffees receive a Quality Score of more than 80 from the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE). The Quality Score is based on a scale of 100 and is judged on a variety of factors, which include acidity, balance, sweetness, mouthfeel and overall flavour.
Are your coffees flavoured?
NO WAY! You’ll notice that we’ve included Key Flavours for each of our coffees. These refer to the flavours that are naturally found within the bean, these flavours are influenced by how the coffee is grown and processed.


How often will I get charged when I have a subscription?
We only charge you when we send you coffee, so you will only be charged when your next delivery is on its way.
What if the coffee I ordered runs out of stock before my order is due?
Our coffee is selected from independent farmers and supplies of certain beans can be limited. Unfortunately we can't predict how popular a coffee will be, if it really hits the spot and runs out faster than we anticipate, when it's gone, it's gone. Our coffee menu is always changing.
Iv'e received the same coffee twice
Our coffee varieties change every 28days, so you may receive the same coffee if you have a delivery frequency of less than 28days. Our coffee is selected from independent farmers and supplies of certain beans can be limited. Unfortunately we can't predict how popular a coffee will be.
Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes just log in to your account and cancel at any time.
Can I change my delivery address?
You can manage your addressbook from within your account, storing as many addresses as you like. If you have a currently-active order, you can edit it to change its delivery address from within your account too. But please do be aware that orders marked 'complete' have already been dispatched, so it is too late to update your address. Please call us if you notice that an order has been dispatched to the wrong address.
Can I pause my deliveries?
Yes from the your account area.
I don't have a grinder, can you pre-grind the beans for me?
Yes, just select what grind you would like from the drop down menu when buying any coffee product.
I have an espresso machine, but I also like to use a cafetiere, is it possible to alternate the grind I have?
Yes, just log in to your account and update your preferences as and when you please, or set up multiple subscriptions with your desired grind and delivery frequency.
Can I give a subscription to someone as a gift?
Yes, we have 'Discovery' and 'Roasters choice' both great options which make for great gifts. We have 4 gifting options to choose from just follow the steps and pick your preference.
If I get a subscription as a gift, can I add a personal gift message?
Yes, we have multiple options to choose from - You can select to have a card added to the first delivery and we will hand write your message, Email a gift certificate for you to print off and add to a card ( for the last minute gifts ) OR we can email the gift recipient a redeemable gift voucher so they can choose their own preferences.
Is Coffee Factory Expensive?
Every 250 grams works out to about 20 cups of coffee for each delivery, depending on