Uganda Bugoye

Single Origin Cherry brown sugar cocoa nibs
  • Varietal - SL14 & SL28
  • Process - Fully Washed
  • Altitude - 1150 masl
  • Location - Rwenzori Mountains of western Uganda
  • Roast Level - Medium
  • Body - Medium High
  • Acidity - Medium 
  • Sweetness Medium High


Bugoye is a community just to the north of the town of Kasese in the Rwenzori Mountains of western Uganda. It is the location of Rwenzori Coffee new Washing Station built in 2019. Rwenzori Coffee have been working with the farmers in this area for over 3 years, but the distance to their main station at Kisinga was too far and so, with their partners, they have built a new station to serve this area. It has been a huge success with washed as well as natural coffees being processed here. The local farmers are smallholders growing coffee as their main cash crop, usually to raise funds to pay school fees for their children. We work with over 3000 farmers as part of a certification programme to ensure that everyone is well trained and benefits from the improved supply chain. The farmers throughout this area, who live and farm from 1300 up to 1900 masl, bring their freshly picked red-ripe cherries to the washing station for processing. They are paid a top price at the time of delivery. The cherries are then pulped, washed and laid out to dry, turned regularly until the moisture content is correct. The coffee is stored, and then hulled before the long journey by truck down to Mombassa on the Kenyan coast, and by ship to the UK. Rwenzori aim to complete this within 4 months from harvest to ensure the freshest, high quality coffee.

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