The Coffee Factory

Cup Notes - Good body and a soft lemonade acidity with raspberries and chocolate.
Process - Sparkling water decaf 
Altitude - 1500-2200 masl
Varietal - Mixed
Location - Yemen & Ethiopia

This special decaf is a blend of a two extremely fruity coffees - Yemen Harazi and Ethiopia Sidamo. Mocha Mill embarked on its journey into Specialty coffee in Yemen in 2014 when they decided to do a feasibility study in producing and exporting specialty coffee. Unfortunately, at this time the country broke out into civil war but this did not stop them continuing their journey and over the years have established supply chains in 6 different regions in Yemen. The Ethiopian comes from Guji Coffee Export Plc who are a young dynamic exporter working in the southern regions. They have a coffee plantation farm of 150 hectares as well as working with outgrowers from around their farm. This coffee is made up of the heirloom varietals found in this region and the coffee is handpicked and then dried in the traditional way on raised beds for around 15 days.