Peru - Decaf

Decaf Buttery body Caramel Green apple
  • Country - Peru
  • Owner - Various
  • Varietal - Caturra, Catuai
  • Process - CO2 / Sparkling water Decaf
  • Altitude- 1600-1900 masl 
  • Roast Level - Medium light
  • Body- Medium-high
  • Acidity- Medium-high
  • Sweetness- Medium-high

San Francisco is a village in the district of Huabal, which is home to over 50 farming families. The altitudes range from 1600 to 2000masl and the main varieties grown are caturra and catimor. San Francisco is one of Falcon Coffees Peru’s largest bases of producers and produces some of the best and most consistent coffees in the area. As is the case in most of Northern Peru, drying beds and tents are still not very common and most producers dry their coffee on tarpaulin mats on the ground. Most of the producers pick their coffee themselves and with the help of family and neighbours, before processing and drying it at their home. Most producers in Northern Peru have their own hand pulping machine and fermentation tank where they process the coffee, before drying it on their patio or raised beds. Once the coffees have been processed, farmers deliver them as parchment to the Falcon warehouse in Jaen, where they are graded, analysed for moisture content, roasted and cupped. This lot is a blend of lots from the middle of the harvest and is named after the local term for the basket that producers use to collect cherries while picking coffee. This coffee is processed through the sparkling water decaffeination process. This means of decaffeination uses nothing other than water and carbon dioxide to remove the caffeine from the coffee beans prior to roasting. It is a gentle and natural process and it allows the beans to retain components which contribute to their taste and aroma, allowing for a great tasting coffee without the caffeine.

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