The Coffee Factory

Mexico Guadelupe Zaju

Single Origin Caramel Clean Plum Acidity Praline Sweet

Cup Notes - Sweet with a clean and mild plum-like acidity. Flavours of praline and caramel.
Process - Washed 
Altitude - 900-1400 masl
Varietal - Caturra, Marsellesa, Hybrids
Location - Soconusco Region,Chiapas

When Guadalupe Zaju’s current owner, Eduardo ‘Teddy’ Esteve, purchased the farm in 2004, it was a true act of faith and commitment to making the formerly great farm into a bastion of quality again. After purchasing Guadalupe Zaju, Teddy purchased two neighbouring farms – La Gloria and Chanjul – in 2011, all of which are run, today, under the name of Guadalupe Zaju. Teddy has complemented his passion for coffee farming by surrounding himself with experts to ensure that Guadalupe Zaju establishes a name for itself as a producer of high quality coffee. Water conservation is taken very seriously on the farm. Previously, each of the smaller farms had their own mill but have now consolidated operations and process all coffee at a single mill. The old mill at Chanjul has now been converted to a school.