Indonesia Sinabung Decaf

Decaf Caramel Dark chocolate Plum Roasted Nuts
  • Country - Indonesia
  • Varietal - Tim Tim
  • Process - Sparkling Water Decaf
  • Altitude- 1200-1500 masl 
  • Roast Level - Medium Dark
  • Body- Velvety
  • Acidity- Stonefruit
  • Sweetness- Nougat

This Seasonal Decaf is a mixed lot from several farms and is named after an active volcano in the region. The volcanic soil alongside the climate provide the perfect growing conditions for coffee and produce the excellent full bodied, spicy and smokey coffees associated with the region. Mandheling is the term used for all Arabica coffee grown in Northern Sumatra, which is derived from the Mandailing people who produce coffee in the Tapanuli region. Once picked the coffee undergoes a 12-hour fermentation process before being dried for 1-2 days to around 35-40% moisture. It is then sent for hulling and further dried to around 15-18%. From here the coffee is transported to Medan where it is finally dried to 13% moisture content before being packed ready for shipping. Mount Sinabung was dormant for 400 years before erupting in 2013. Sadly, this eruption displaced coffee farmers who worked the fertile plains surrounding the volcano and many have relocated to other parts of Indonesia, as the volcano continues to be extremely active, with eruptions most years since 2013.

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