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Guatemala Vista Al Bosque

Single Origin Baked Chocolate Marmalade Spice Walnut

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Varietal - Bourbon, Caturra, Catimor
Altitude - 1900 masl
Location - Huehuetenango
Roast Level - Medium
Body - Round
Acidity - Stone fruits
Sweetness - Nougat

Mr. Wilmar Castillo, when still young and single, traveled with his father and three older brothers, from Aldea la Libertad to Aldea Hoja Blanca to work on a coffee farm belonging to someone else, however his dream was to have his own farm. Coffee has always been a part of his life, he saw his father work with love and passion and that motivated him to work hard to obtain the Finca Vista al Bosque. He has worked the farm for more than 18 years, and now does so with his 16 year old son and wife - they are devoted to making it thrive and produce fantastic coffee. Vista Al Bosque translates as “overlooking the forest” and it sits along the edge of the valley, bordering plots belonging to his brother. Huehuetenango (pronounced “way-way-teh-NAN-go”) is located in the western highlands, bordering the Mexican region of Chiapas. It has the highest altitudes of the coffee growing regions in Guatemala, and so tends to produce the most complex and fruit driven coffees in the country - earning it the well deserved reputation as one of the world’s finest coffee growing regions.