The Coffee Factory

Guatemala La Libertad Decaf

Decaf Apple Milk Chocolate Orange
  • Country - Guatemala
  • Varietal - Mixed
  • Process - Sparkling Water Decaf
  • Altitude- 1400-1800 masl 
  • Roast Level - Medium Dark
  • Body- Syrupy
  • Acidity- Stonefruit
  • Sweetness- Honey

La Libertad is named after the region in Huehuetenango it comes from, and is produced by Jorge Vides. Jorge has won a number of awards for coffee production and for services to the region of Huehuetenango and the main hospital in the coffee growing community is named after him. There is a school and nursery at the farm, with fully trained, full time teachers. All of the temporary and permanent staff have access to schooling for their children. When a child attends school or nursery for 5 consecutive days they receive a weekly supply of rice, beans and corn. Prior to this food ration scheme it was very difficult to get people to leave their children in the care of others, and schooling wasn’t necessarily valued as there is a greater pressure on earning more money to feed the family. As a result there are no children working in the farm, and the school and nursery classes are full. Sections of the farm are reserved areas, to promote biodiversity, reduce exposure to winds and soil erosion. Inga trees are used as a shade trees, and to fix nitrogen in the soil which is essential for plant and cherry growth.