El Salvador Finca Bosque Lya - Natural

Single Origin Tropical notes melon sweetness raspberry
  • Varietal - Bourbon
  • Process - Washed
  • Altitude - 1470 - 1650 masl
  • Location - The Santa Ana Municipality
  • Roast Level -  Medium dark
  • Body -  Medium High
  • Acidity - Medium
  • Sweetness Medium High 


We have been working with Finca Bosque Lya since 2015, with their washed coffee being a firm favourite for all that time. Now we are very excited to bring you their first natural process coffee. In the natural process, the bean is left in the fruit mucilage and dried on raised beds. They then go through fermentation, imparting complex fruity notes and sweetness to the beans which can be tasted in the cup. Finca Bosque Lya is situated in the municipality of Santa Ana on the foothills of the Ilamatepec Volcano (or Santa Ana Volcano as it now more commonly known) in the Apaneca Mountain range of western El Salvador. The farm was established in 1932 when Gustavo Vides Valdes named his property in honour of his newly born daughter, Lya. Finca Bosque Lya achieved fame in specialty coffee circles when it took first place in the 2004 Cup of Excellence. This is a 96 hectare farm - 64 of which is dedicated to coffee, and the remaining for natural rainfor- est. However, in many parts of the farm it is difficult to recognise what is pure forest and what isn’t, since so many shade trees are used. There is an abundance of wildlife including birds such as Hummingbirds, Orioles and Hawks, and many migratory species. Mammals include Wild Cats, Armadillos, Deer and Possum.

Starting at £6.95. You will be able to select a grind type (or whole bean) and pack size of your choice.