Colombia Alvaro Perdomo

Single Origin Caramel Peach mango
  • Varietal - Tabi, Typica, Caturra
  • Process - Washed
  • Altitude - 2100 masl
  • Location - Inza in Cauca
  • Roast Level - Medium
  • Body - Medium high
  • Acidity - Medium High
  • Sweetness High


The Municipality of Inza in Cauca is an area of land that sits high on a Colombian plateau called the Macizo Colombiano. This area is perfect for growing specialty coffee as altitudes reach over 2000 masl. This coffee is part of a group that comes from 8 Veredas in this municipality that has about 17000 mainly indigenous inhabitants who are supported by Assist Agriculture. They support them with technical field assistants giving agricultural advice to help with the management of the farms. Alvaro Perdomo is a producer from the Togima area in Inza where he lives on his small 2 Ha farm named La Lomita. Just 1.75ha of the farm is planted with coffee and the varieties caturra, typica and tabi which give excellent results in the cup as shown in this lot. The coffee is planted amongst shade trees like platano, orange and avocado which helps to protect the coffees from the strong sun and too much stress. In the harvest Alvaro moves around the farm picking each area looking for the ripe cherry which takes time and patience. Form here the coffee is then pulped on the farm and fermented overnight. After this it is then dried for 8 - 14 days in a drying tent until 11% moisture.

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