Burundi Ntarambo

Single Origin Cranberry Gooseberry Raisin
  • Varietal - Bourbon
  • Process - Washed
  • Altitude - 1850 masl
  • Location - Kayanza Province, Northern Burundi
  • Roast Level - Medium
  • Body - 3 of 5
  • Acidity - 4 of 5
  • Sweetness 4 of 5


Ntarambo is the name of the hill where this coffee has been harvested. Smallholders are producing coffee on 8ha of land in total. The coffee trees are blooming from mid-Aug to end of September and the coffee is being harvested from March to June.
The soil in the area is a mixture of volcanic, clay and stony components. Hay or dry grass is scattered at the end of the harvest to protect the soil from drought and weeds. 
The hill is surrounded by two main forests: Ikibira and Nyungwe that both play a big role in influencing the weather conditions in the hill. The cherries are taken to the Mpanga Central Washing station located in Kayanza Province, Northern Burundi. 
It is managed by a 17-year coffee veteran, who oversaw the construction of the washing station back in 2008. The station processes coffee from approximately 3,400 smallholder farmers, who cultivate coffee on the hillsides that surround Kayanza, at elevations of up to 1,950 masl. To service these producers properly, the station is well-equipped to process volumes of specialty coffee and benefits from 450 drying beds and a McKinnon 6-disc pulping machine.

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