Uganda Zebigi

Single Origin Lime Red berries Spiced plum
  • Varietal - SL14, SL28, NyasalandI
  • Process - Washed
  • Altitude - 2000 - 2200 masl
  • Location - Zebigi
  • Roast Level -  Medium
  • Body -  Creamy
  • Acidity - Pear
  • Sweetness - Maple Syrup


The coffee in this micro-lot is grown by the farmers living on the top of the mountain near to The Coffee Gardens’ washing station, in Bukyabo, Sironko District. The farmers bring the coffee cherries down to the processing station, earning extra income. The contributing farmers have received weekly training by The Coffee Gardens’ agronomists on improved agriculture. The lot has been done with coffees from 89 farmers, including 10 women. Each farmer provided an average of 300 KGs of red cherry. The Coffee Gardens was established in 2017 with the goal of producing incredible specialty coffee in an ethical way, offering a transparent and direct link between coffee farmers and coffee consum- ers. The Coffee Gardens Project has been established with many purpos- es such as improve farmers income and livelihoods, create and provide rural employment, promote gender equality, increase transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain and enviromental protection in the area.