The Coffee Factory

Fazenda Palmital

– Brazil –


Cup Notes

Flavours of chocolate and praline, has a low acidity which is cherry like with a full body.
Roast Level
Catuai, Mundo Novo
Pulped Natural
950 - 1150
Cabo Verde, South of Minas

Fazenda Palmital is located in Cabo Verde, in the mountains of the Serra do Pau D'Alho. It was acquired in the 1920's by Carlos Augusto's grandfather. Carlos now owns the farm after he inherited it from his father and has been carrying on the family legacy with his wife, Katinha, and his son, Augusto, sharing the activities. The Rodrigues de Melo family works together and counts on a loyal and focused team, formed mostly by professionals who have a long-standing relationship with the farm. Carlos' philosophy is to do everything with a lot of love and to do it well. Everyone working on the farm is focused on quality and consistency, so that year after year, they are successful in their results. Besides Palmital, Carlos Augusto has three other coffee farms - two in the same region of Palmital and one in Carmo do Rio Claro. Everything that they harvest is prepared at Fazenda Palmital - the headquarters and also the family's home. During the busy harvest season they work with 120 people. During the off-season there are 50 - many of those who work throughout the year have been on the farm for generations.


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