Brazil Fazenda Sao Lucas

Single Origin Biscuit milk chocolate praline
  • Varietal - Catucai, Mundo Novo
  • Process - Natural
  • Altitude - 1020 masl
  • Location - Ribeirao Corrente
  • Roast Level -  Medium dark 
  • Body -  High / Full
  • Acidity - Medium / Berries
  • Sweetness - Medium high / Dried fruit 


Fazenda Sao Lucas is farmed by the sixth generation of coffee growers. Lucas Lancha de Oliveira opted to follow in his parents’ footsteps studying agriculture and becoming an agronomist. This experience proved of great value to the family business. Lucas also served in the Brazilian armed forces. He brought the dynamism of his military service and combined that with the knowledge gained from his studies which contributed greatly towards the quality of this coffee, making it remarkable and distinct. The geographical location of Fazenda Sao Lucas is blessed with an abundant supply of freshwater, it is near the town Ribeirao Corrente – meaning Flowing Waters - situated in the region of Alta Mogiana, at an altitude of 1020 above sea level and has 50 hectares of preserved rainforest. It enjoys 1,000 to 2,000mm of annual rainfall. The farm is also home to the family’s herd of cattle which is used primarily for the generation of high quality homemade compost.