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Never run out of freshly artisan-roasted coffee with our unique Coffee Subscription. Tell us your favourite type of coffee, your preferred brewing method and grind type, as well as how many cups of coffee you drink every day and we make sure that you will always find a fresh pack of coffee in your mail just when you need it. Delicious, easy, reliable, and with free deliveries (to mainland UK)!

We have several subscription packages, all of which are flexible enough to satisfy or WOW as a gift. Our Coffee Subscriptions keep your cupboard stocked with your favourite Coffee Factory blend or you can taste your way around the world with our Roaster's Choice Coffee Subscription a 250g pack of our current favourite single origin coffee delivered to your door.

One variety is not enough for you? Try our Discovery Pack, a Coffee Subscription that will allow you to sip your way through the world's finest coffees in half the time: two different 125g packs of coffee in each delivery!

Do you feel the need to share the love for fine coffee? Our Gift Coffee Subscriptions make awesome gifts for veterans of the bean just as much as for total newbies just starting to discover coffee. We have many options to make setting up a Coffee Gift Subscription as easy as possible, from vouchers to alternate addresses for the first delivery, so you can personally hand your Coffee Gift over to the lucky recipient.

How it works
Choose your coffee

Select your preference and we’ll roast it on our beautifully restored vintage Probat, Dorothy. Experience the worlds best coffees from the comfort of your own home, with no hassle.

Tell us how you like it

Choose from beans or pre-ground, how much and how often you would like a delivery. Cancel, pause and change your preferences anytime... just log in to your account.

Enjoy coffee delivered to you

With free UK postage and slimline packaging, your coffee will arrive as and when you would like.

Step 1: Choose your Coffee

If you can't decide, want to be surprised, or would like to experience new coffees, select our Roaster's Choice Coffee Subscription. Our master roaster will pick their current favorites for you, and have this roasted and posted to your door.

PS: You can always change your subscription type later one, once you have decided on your personal favorite coffee to permanently receive going forward.

If you have already found your favorite coffee and know exactly what you want, choose our Classic Pack Coffee Subscription. In the following steps, you get to choose which of our carefully sourced and artisinally roasted Single Origin or Blend Coffees you would like to receive in each of your deliveries.

PS: Should you ever get tired of your coffee, you can log into your The Coffee Factory user account at any time and change to a Roaster's Choice Coffee Subscription.

Are you looking to give someone the gift of regularly receiving freshly roasted coffee in the mail? All of our carefully sourced and proudly UK roasted coffees are also available in a Coffee Gift Subscription. Of course, our unique Roaster's Choice Coffee Subscription is also available as a gift.

We can either send all deliveries straight to the gift recipient; or we can send the first delivery to you so that you can gift it personally before our subsequent deliveries are automatically sent to the gift recipient; or we can send the gift recipient a voucher code via email; or we can send you a print-out voucher as a PDF.