Kenya Kiawamaruru coffee

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Wegida Blue


This Coffee is fantastic, another one of our favourites this year!
Sweet, with a lot of blueberry coming through, light with tea notes such as lavender and jasmine.


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Wegida Blue is a blend of grade 1 coffees, grown at an altitude of 1900 masl, by 650 producers extending 3-4 Washing Stations in the Aricha Woreda area. Ripe cherries are delivered to the Mill where they are graded and then placed on to raised African drying beds in thin layers, and turned every 2 – 3 hours in the first few days, to avoid over-fermentation and mould growth. 4 – 6 weeks late the beans are then de-hulled and transported to Addis in parchment where they are milled prior to shipping.

Miller – Comprised of coffee extending 3-4 Washing Stations

ALTITUDE – 1900-2000 masl

LOCATION – Gedio Zone 

PREPARATION – Sun Dried/ Natural 

VARIETY – Locally selected variety – Heirloom

OWNERS – 650 Producers



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250g, 1kg


Beans, Espresso, Filter, Cafetiere